Challenge Course

The Camp Luz Challenge Course was built for the purpose of challenging participants, both individually and as a group, to grow and learn. Our course promotes teamwork, communication and group building through the use of constructed elements where the team is asked to complete a specific task.


Our Challenge Course is currently made up of three different groups of activities.

  • The Low Ropes is specifically designed to challenge teams to work together, gain trust in each other, and grow.
  • The High Ropes are focused on individual growth and personal challenge. We currently have 2 high elements that range in height from about 10 feet to 50 feet off the ground.
  • We also have a large assortment of Initiatives, or games that involve relatively little set up that are designed for teambuilding. Initiatives can be done almost anywhere, indoors or out, so weather is not a factor. In fact, we can even come to your meeting location to lead initiatives.


We have trained facilitators that will work with your group to create a unique experience that will address the needs and desires of your group. All of our challenge course activities are geared around improving self-esteem, engaging in communication, and pushing yourself to accomplish more than you ever thought you could. It is an ideal activity for youth groups and sunday school classes, since our facilitators can also help bring out spiritual applications for the activities.

Our current rates are:

High Ropes:

- $10 per person for one element
- $5 per person for each additional element

Low Ropes (3 hours):

- $15 per person


- $30 per facilitator per hour

*** We offer discounted rates for Church groups

We now offer several additional activities, including: Hiking, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, and Outdoor Living Skills Classes.

Contact us to learn more about what a challenge course experience could do for your group!


Challenge Course Consent Form (PDF)

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Adventure Program Brochure (PDF)